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İngilizce Testi

DLR testine girdiğinizde:

İlk modül ingilizce. Thy Cbt benzeri sorular var. Soru havuzu geniş fakat cbt'den 2-3 tane soru geliyor. 40 dakika 60 soru. Deyimler ve kelimeler zorlayıcı. Gramer oldukça kolay.Aşağıda bazı örnekler bulabilirsiniz.Eşanlamlı kelimelere örnekler ana sayfada "İNDİR" başlığı altında bulabilirsiniz.


1) I live only a short walk from here, it’s not worth taking a taxi.

2) You know how to speak French, don’t you.?

3) She never has her hair cut at the hairdresser’s.

4) They asked him, why he had given up smoking.

5) The situation isn’t so bad. It could be worse .

6) America was discovered by Christoph Columbus, wasn’t it ?

7) I usually remember faces better than names.

8) Eddi and Tina lost each other in the crowd.

9) Sarah has never been in Australia so far.

10) I’ll never forget travelling through Ireland in 2000.

11) Jill used to live alone, but today she is used to living with her boyfriend.

12) To open the top of the bottle press it down and turn.

13) Tom said that he wasn’t enjoying his job very much.

14) He was talking on the phone when he suddenly heard a crash.

15) Most of my friends originally come from Germany, but most of the time they live in England.

16) You look ill. instead of waiting you should go to the doctor.

17) Sandra wanted to be here an hour ago. It looks as if she isn’t coming.

18) It was a difficult question. I answered it as well as I could.

19) I have washed my car. It looks like new now.

20) Joe is upset. He has been waiting for over an hour now.

21) You need at least two years‘ experience to climb a mountain like that.

22) what newspaper do you read ? And which do you like best?

23) Neither Ann nor Liz came to the party.

24) Both of us were very tired.

25) My parents have always lived in London

26) Tom has written an article about the society of - ancient Greece.

27) I’ve got some information for you. Are you interested?

28) These shorts are too large.

29) Petrol is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago.

30) My friend doesn’t mind singing in public.

31) Simon was in a difficult situation, so I agreed to lend him some money.

32) Jim likes going out at night, doesn’t he ?

33) I’m feeling tired. So am I.

34) Although the film was boring he went on watching it.

35) The book left a lot to be discussed.

36) Joe felt awful and looked seriously ill.

37) Jill is very good at playing tennis but she is bad at running.

38) This is bad news. Another 2 years is needed to build up the tower.

39) I’d like to have some bread, is there any? –No, there isn’t any left today.

40) Tom saw someone open the door of the store, get into the salesroom, and take some jewelry into a bag.

41) Madonna is in Germany. There are many concerts throughout the country.

42) Sue is tired of explaining the same things over and over again.

43) We drove slowly and carefully tried to get through the traffic jam.

44) They lost each other during the concert.

45) These days everybody is aware of  the dangers of smoking.

46) Would you like to come to the party with us? – No, I prefer going to the cinema.

47) I have a question. When was the telephone invented?

48) If I had seen you the other day, I would have said hello.

49) Frank is in hospital. – Yes, I know. I‘m going to visit him tomorrow.

50) We have already been waiting for an hour or so! We will leave now!

51) We’ve got plenty of time. We needn’t hurry.

52) He was too late for the show but he was lucky enough to meet the stars backstage.

53) I’m sorry for being late again.

54) Sally looked sad and felt terrible .

55) Both of them passed the test.

56) Jim works as quickly as John. But John works more effectively.

57) Because it was raining heavily they were driving really carefully.

58) None of the people who saw the accident was willing to witness it.

59) I’m sure, Tim and Lisa will enjoy their holiday.

60) They had no trouble in going to the ball in Jeans.

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